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  • EXP2015 annc

  • Expedition Africa 2014 photo slide show by Andreas Strand

    Photographer Andreas Strand from Sweden
  • Expedition Africa 2015 pictures Advfeel Com

    Expedition Africa 2015 Kingdom of Swaziland photo slideshow by Advfeel Communications
  • Expedition Africa 2013 Photo slideshow by AYA

    Drakensberg captured by Photographer Aya Kubota
  • Full Moon Aug 2015 : Vaal Marina

    120KM adventure race in and around the Vaal Dam South Africa
  • Full Moon October 2015 : Hartbeespoort

    last race of the 2015 Full Moon Adventure race series.
    Start to T3
  • Kinetic Events Africa 25 Km Sprint BobbejaansKloof

    25KM Adventure Race Sprint
  • Expedition Africa 2015 : Swaziland (Highlights)

    500KM Adventure race through the kingdom of Swaziland
  • Expedition Africa 2015 : Opening ceremony

    Expedition 2015 : Kingdom of Swaziland
  • Expedition Africa 2015 : Race day 2

    Expedition Africa 2015 : Kingdom of Swaziland
  • Expedition Africa 2015 : Race day 1

    Expedition Africa 2015 : Kingdom of Swaziland
  • Expedition Africa 2015 : Race Day 3

    Expedition Africa 2015 : Kingdom of Swaziland
  • Expedition Africa : Race Day 4

    Expedition Africa : Kingdom of Swaziland
  • ExpAfrica 2016 GardenRoute Promo

  • Expedition Africa 2016 : 6 Weeks to go (part one)

    We catch up with Stephan and Heidi Muller from Kinetic Events to ask them a few questions about this years Expedition Africa taking place in Knysna. In part one, Stephan gives us an overview on route progress and what to expect along the way.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : 6 Weeks to go (part two)

    We catch up with Stephan and Heidi Muller from Kinetic Events to ask them a few questions about this years Expedition Africa taking place in Knysna. In part two, Heidi tells us more about the local community initiatives and the special touches she has planned for competitors and supporters this year.
  • Kinetic Kids : Adventure Race Sprint at Avianto

    Even Kids as young as 10 enjoy the Kinetic events sprint races. These kids had so much fun on the route they were all still smiling as they crossed the line and completed the obstacle course.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Meet Team KeyHealth Jabberwock

    Catching up with Team KeyHealth Jabberwock before they head out to Expedition Africa 2016 in less than a month's time.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 Start venue announcement..

    Find out where this years Expedition Africa will be starting from...
  • Expedition Africa 2016 Team Arrival

    Teams arrive at Race HQ ahead of Sunday's start.
  • San Juan Aventura Spending time on the community project.

    Expedition Africa is more than just a race. Its an insight into the communities we pass through so quickly, with an aim to leave a lasting impression.. Scenes from this years community project.
  • Expedition Africa High Tea

    RAF, feeling at home....
  • Expedition Africa Community Project

    Teams ride out to Sedgefield craft market to participate in this year's community project.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race day 1

    Highlights from day one of this years Expedition Africa in Knysna, South Africa.
  • The Robberg Coastal Corridor

    Upon the southern most tip of Africa, nestled between the coastal mountain ranges of the Cape Fold Belt and where the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, lies the Greater Cape Floristic Region which, in terms of biodiversity, is the hottest botanical hotspot on Earth
  • Team Featherbed Painted Wolf first to arrive at T6.

    Team Featherbed Painted Wolf are first to arrive at T6. After a long night in the forests, they are keen to get out on the Hike along the beautiful Robberg nature reserve... It seems good sportsmanship was the call of the day as they opted to not take advantage of Shortcuts known to them. With Merrell Adventure Addicts right on their heals, we expect to see some closer racing today.
  • Masithandane Mosaic Project with the expedition Africa teams

    Before the teams started this years race, they spent some time getting to know the local community and exploring their artistic side. In aid of the Masithandane project, All teams built their own small piece of a larger Mosaic that will remain in Sedgefield as a reminder of our time here.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race Day 2

    Highlights from day 2 of Expedition Africa in Knysna, South Africa.
  • Expedition Africa 2016

    Live streaming from the route.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race day 3

    Highlights from day 3, Expedition Africa 2016.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Team Power Bar swiss explorers Abseil section

    Afriabseil take swiss team PowerBar swiss explorers down to the next canyon section.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race day 4

    Highlights from day 4 of Expedition Africa in Knysna, South Africa
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race Day 5

    Highlights from day 5 of Expedition Africa 2016.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Dispute announcement

    Stephan Muller, Race director for Expedition Africa announces the outcome of the dispute that was registered against Team Featherbed Painted Wolf.
  • Expedition Africa : Race highlights

    Race Highlights from this years expedition Africa
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race day 6

    Highlights from day 6, Expedition Africa 2016
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Mosaic unveiling

    Before the teams set off on their 500KM journey, they all helped create a Mosaic that will remain behind in Sedgefield as a reminder of this years event.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Community project Ride

    Before the race starts, everyone cycles out to the Sedgefield mosaic market to create their own section of the EXPAFRICA mosaic that will be unveiled on Saturday after the race.
  • Girls just want to have fun

    This is how girls put Branding up - we are actually working please note!
  • EA 2017 Promo Video

    Expedition Africa 2017 will take place in the beautiful Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Next years race will have exclusive use of the Baviaans Kloof Wilderness area as well as the beautiful coastline of Cape St Francis. Teams will stay at the magnificent Cape St Francis Resort which makes it easier to bring the entire family along on an adventure of a lifetime. Enter your team now by visiting

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    Music : Kevin Adams, "conquest destiny"
  • EA 2017 SANCCOB Project

    25th April is World Penguin day and the teams at this years Expedition Africa will be doing their part to help promote awareness for the conservation of the African Penguin. With as few as 19000 of these magnificent creatures left in the wild today, It seems fitting that this years environmental project will help support the amazing work being done by SANCCOB. Find out more about this amazing organisation and how you can help at
  • Expedition Africa 2017 - Media Tour Experience

    Leading up to Expedition Africa - Baviaans, the media crew for the event were sent on an exciting experience within the famous 'Adventure Province'.

    Photographers and videographers were escorted along the Eastern Cape, experiencing a Sunday's River Cruise, Addo Sand Sledding down magnificent dunes, Zip Lining over incredible landscapes, a game drive safari at the famous Addo Elephant Park, ending off with incredible dining and a good night's rest at Cosmos Cuisine.
    Our media team have truely been spoilt by the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency.

    #expafrica #expedition #myec #media #trip @Visit_EC @spotinafrica @spot_africa #SPOTGen3 #SPOTAdventures #SPOTAfrica8
  • EA2017 Launch Event

    Throw back to the launch event of Expedition Africa 2017. Hosted by the stunning Cape St Francis Resort, Our teams will experience the warm hospitality of not only the Resort, but of the entire Kouga community...
    With only 13 days to go, the excitement is building for teams and hosts alike! remember to follow the teams at
  • The Harbourmaster

    With Expedition Africa 2017 racing through his port on Sunday, we asked the Port St Francis Harbourmaster to give us a quick weather prediction and insight into what sea conditions to expect for the Kayak leg.... Spoiler Alert, Headwinds and 5ft swells.... (But Nothing our Adventure Racers cant handle). We will check in with him again early Sunday morning to get the final go ahead. for further updates and to follow your favourite teams....

    #expafrica #expedition #myec #media #trip @Visit_EC @spotinafrica @spot_africa #SPOTGen3 #SPOTAdventures #SPOTAfrica8
  • EA crew Baviaans scouting

    Almost a year before the start of any Expedition Africa Event, The organisers and Media Crew are out negotiating with land owners, engaging with local tourism and business, scouting routes and generally having fun. Our trips to the Kouga area have been less like work and more like a trip home to visit family and friends. We cant wait to share this beautiful community of passionate people with you... 12th May, See you all soon :-)
    #kouga #baviaans. #expafrica #capestfrancisresort #beachbreak #easterncapetourism #squirt #fluid #racefood #spot #namaqua #blackdiamond #trappers #toyota #adventureprovince #visitec
  • Expedition Africa 2017 Behind the scenes Crew Clips

    Time to close the chapter on what has been an amazing year leading up to Expedition Africa 2017. As of tomorrow, All our focus will shift to creating new content to be shared with the Adventure racing community. The Official Media teams arrive in Cape St Francis tomorrow and will start uploading fresh and exciting content from Thursday. Watch this space, EA2017 is going to be out of this world and proudly South African! #livetracking #spotadventure #adventureracing #expafrica #arws #baviaans #kouga #travelling #wowsouthafrica #visitEC
  • EA 2017 Registration & team briefing

    The teams are all here and eager to get going. 39 teams from around the world have descended on Cape St Francis resort in South Africa to take on the challenge of this years Expedition Africa adventure race. Friday was Registration day and gave the teams an opportunity to get to know the area, Start preparing their kit and ask the all important question ..... "Are we ready for this"!
  • EA 2017 Community Project Day

    Teams have been registered and checked in to their accommodation at the beautiful St Francis Bay Resort. Saturday is traditionally Community Project day and this year was no different. Teams walked along the beach to Seal Point lighthouse where they helped create a Mural that will stand forever on the most South Eastern tip of Africa. .
  • Expedition Africa Race Day 1

    And they're off! The start of Expedition Africa 2017 from the beautiful Cape St Francis resort in South Africa. 500km's through the Kouga area will test these athletes to the limit. Join us as we take you through the highlights of day one.
  • Expedition Africa 2017 Race Day 2

    A very chilly yet absolutely stunning canyon greeted the tired and the already cold yesterday morning. Many teams raced through the night to reach Transition 5 late last on Monday night in order to tackle the  dark zone leg at 04h00 this morning.
    The top five teams reached Transition 6 with plenty of time to refuel and rest before their early start. Skylotec Adventure and East Wind were the first teams in the canyon this morning closely followed by Thunderbolt AR.
    More than half the field managed to race through the buffalo 'dark zone' before the zones shutdown commenced at 18h00 this evening.  All teams between CP 17 and CP 21 had to setup camp at their exact spot, and were not allowed to move until 06h45 this morning.
    To ensure the safety of all teams racing Expedition Africa, race organiser; Stephan Muller created the dark zone as a safety precaution, as athletes racing at night would not be able to see the buffalo in the area, which could create an extremely hazardous situation. 
    Team Skylotec Adventure were charged by buffalo  when passing through the same area. The marshals and ECPTA have been roaming the area, and managed to intercept the chase with their vehicle, ensuring the safety of the team. 
    Marshals are on course patrolling the area, providing an element of safety to all teams within the zone.
  • Expedition Africa 2017 Race Day 3

    After navigating through an almost non existent bike trail, the top teams Transitioned to Kayaks after first abseiling back across the river. A short run along the beach and then back on the bikes for a marathon leg. This is day 3 of Expedition Africa 2017
  • Expedition Africa 2017 Race Day 4

    Skylotec Adventure crossed the finish line completing the 514km Expedition Africa - Baviaans course in just over 80 hours. The team proved they were world class throughout the race, flying through each transition efficiently, professionally and navigating each control point brilliantly.
    Skylotec Adventure, Thunderbolt, East Wind and Nevarest Jabberwock have raced brilliantly gaining an advantageous lead on the rest of the teams. Skylotec Adventure and Thunderbolt AR were neck-and-neck throughout Day 3 until Thunderbolt AR experienced some navigational difficulties during their 123km cycle leg last night
    Both teams suffered a one hour penalty after transitioning through T11. Skylotec Adventure and Thunderbolt AR left the beach at Jeffery's Bay and continued along the road to the Transition area, instead of approaching the transition area via the beach as specified in the race booklet. 
    Skylotec Adventure chose to sleep during their penalty hour and were fast out of the transition just as Thunderbolt AR arrived. They completed the final 48km trekking leg through the famous Chokka Trail dune fields in less than 10 hours. 
    " The organisation was top quality, and what a beautiful race! The Canyon was definitely a highlight, and seeing the Buffalo up close like that was incredible, I wanted to see them" shares Malin Hjalmarsson of Skylotec Adventure soon after crossing the finish line.
    Skylotec Adventure will now represent Sweden at the Adventure Racing Word Champs in Wyoming at the Cowboy Tough in August this year.
  • Expedition Africa 2017 Race Day 5

    Day five of Expedition Africa kicked off by bringing home South Africa's Team Castle Lite and Japan's East Wind.

    After many hours of no sleep within the dune fields, East Wind managed to navigate their way home, collecting each checkpoint in order.

    An incredible crowd surrounded the finish throughout day 5 welcoming Olympus, A2A Rangers, BUCO Adventure, Plett AR, Misadventures, Hardtale, Rustproof, Antimatter Zama, Parallel, Quasarlontra Brazil, Gone Racing, Dar Dingle, Funtastic4, Royal Air Force and NSP sports home after an incredible 514km adventure race of a lifetime.
  • Expedition Africa Baviaans 2017: Closing Ceremony Video

    Capturing the amazing scenery, the action, the dust, the heat of this epic event, but also the heart that beats, the emotion, the joy, the love that draws adventurers from around the world. Expedition Africa is unique. Be a part of it.
  • Expedition Africa 2017 Race Day 6

    Day 6 of Expedition Africa saw many exhausted and enthusiastic teams cross the finish line at Cape St Francis Resort. Four teams still remain out there, making their way through the dune fields towards the finish line.
  • From the Race Director : Skylotec Adventure Penalty

    During Expedition Africa 2017, Skylotec Adventure gave an excellent performance to take a well-deserved first place. No-one, however, has a perfect race. 

    At TA7, teams received maps for the upcoming leg, on which they had to copy CPs from a master map. Skylotec forgot to do this. 

    At TA8, Skylotec discovered their mistake. Captain Jonas Andersson chose to run back to retrieve the information, but made two mistakes:
    - he went alone, thereby contravening the rule requiring all team members to stay within a specific proximity
    - he failed to take his backpack, which contained compulsory kit

    For each of these mistakes, the team was awarded a 1hr penalty. 

    Fortunately for Skylotec Adventure, these two hours were not enough to affect their podium position, and Expedition Africa is pleased that they retain the honour they richly deserve.

    Race Director Stephan Muller followed protocol in holding a meeting with all members of Skylotec Adventure to explain this decision, and give them the opportunity to respond. The meeting was recorded on video, for future reference. 

    The matter was satisfactorily resolved for all parties, and Kinetic Gear Hopes to see Skylotec Adventure at future editions of Expedition Africa.

    We couldn't possibly end off EA2017 without first thanking two very special people. Heidi and Stephan Muller put their heart and souls into EA every year and based on the feedback from our finishers, this year was no exception. Thank you for everything you do for this sport and we look forward to many more events based on the same commitment and passion. #itsallaboutlove
  • Expedition Africa 2017 "ELEVATED"

    "For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return".
    Leonardo da Vinci
  • Expedition India 2017 Promo Video

    Expedition India is a 450KM adventure race held in the Indus valley of Ladakh. Known as the Land of High Passes, the region is renowned for it's breathtaking Valley's, Mountain Passes and Beautiful Rivers. An average altitude way over 3000m makes this the highest Adventure race in the world! Just getting to the start will be an adventure all on its own. All teams will meet for an opening ceremony and prologue in Srinigar, a town further west at a lower altitude of 1580m. They will then be driven in convoy over 5 mountain passes, 2 days and an overnight stop to help acclimatise before arriving at Leh (3400m) where Race HQ will be based. Trekking, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Rope Work etc.. will make for an unforgettable Adventure race you don't want to miss out on. Brought to you by the same team that hosts the world class Expedition Africa Adventure race in South Africa, you can be guaranteed of a challenging and rewarding route. Only 20 entries will be made available to international teams, so make sure you sign up now to secure your entry...
  • Expedition Africa 2018 Promo Video : Namaqua West Coast

    Expedition Africa 2018 will take place in the beautiful Namaqua West Coast and surrounding areas. The 8th Edition of Africa's ultimate Adventure Race promises to be one of the best yet. The contrasting landscapes are sure to challenge the competitors both Mentally and physically resulting in a truly rewarding Adventure experience. Enter now to be part of this magnificent experience
  • Expedition Africa 2018 Launch Event : Namaqua West Coast

    Our team has recently returned from the beautiful area of Namaqua West Coast where they held the launch event for Expedition Africa 2018. This wonderful area will host the African continents most prestigous Adventure Race next year and the event promises to live up to all expectations people have of race directors Stephan and Heidi Muller. With varied terrain offering wild African coastline, vast Desert and ancient mountain ranges, you can be assured that Expedition Africa 2018 will be one of the toughest and most beautiful yet. Our Launch event was held at the Host resort "Letsatsi Lodge" which will also be the home of the lucky first teams to confirm their entries. The amazing people of Namaqua West Coast have been amazingly hospitable and will extend the same to all of you next year. Entries open on the 15th August.
    It seems there is a theme in our video, let us know if you think you know what it is
  • Expedition India 2017 Leg One : Srinagar

    Today the teams had the opportunity to visit a floating market and do some sight seeing before starting the events first Leg. Waiting in store for them, A fast paced run down from the Shankaracharya temple, followed by a paddle in a traditional Shikara boat on Dal lake.
  • Expedition India 2017 Leg 2 Sonamarg

    Leg 2 of Expedition India 2017 saw things get a little more serious.
    After traveling from Srinigar to Sonamarg, the Teams took on their second "prologue". A Hike up towards a glacier and then some serious elevation gain (more than they expected) through the beautiful forests and surrounding areas..
  • Expedition India 2017 : Khardung La Acclimatisation

    As part of the acclimatisation process, the teams are taken up Khardung La pass to expose them to a similar altitude they will experience on the final summit during the race. This is an important test to see if anyone will experience altitude sickness, something the race organisers are very cautious about...
  • Expedition India 2017 Highlights

    What a spectacular event Expedition India 2017 has been. Incredible India didn't disappoint as both Competitors and Crew were treated to a visual spectacle of epic proportions. A tough and challenging course meant many teams would not cross the finish line with all team members in tow or having collected all the checkpoints. This however was of no significance according to the teams as the Journey they had embarked on almost 2 weeks ago had already exceeded all their expectations and delivered far and beyond what they could have hoped for. Congratulations to all teams that competed in this landmark event. A big Congratulations to team KeyHealth/Jabberwock as they crossed the line first and lifted "Bob 2", the first official Indian Adventure race trophy...
  • Expedition India 2017 : Chapter one

    The teams have all returned home and Social media is abuzz with memories of Expedition India 2017. Join us as we recap the first day of racing which saw the teams do a 75KM raft down the Shyok river, followed by 42KM of mountain biking which literally took them to the edge of India and within arms reach of neighbouring Pakistan...
  • Expedition India 2017 : Chapter two

    Chapter two of Expedition India sees the top 3 teams breaking away from the others as they navigate their way across steep cliffs along the Shyok river banks. The hike taking teams a lot longer than they expected forced most teams to stop and sleep for at least an hour. This was followed by a 120KM cycle back to Hunder where they would start their final trek over a 5400m peak back into Leh..
  • 2018 Full Moon Adventure Racing Series

    We are excited to announce our new Full Moon Adventure Racing Series for 2018. 3 of the best locations from previous Expedition Africa's have been chosen for this exciting new race series. The more accessible 120KM format paired with the family orientated host venues will make this a destination race you don't want to miss. Swaziland, Drakensberg, Cape St Francis...... enter for one or enter all three and receive a discount on your EA2019 entry!
  • Expedition India 2017 : Chapter three

    "I so desperately need to get off this mountain"
    The final chapter of this epic adventure! Experience what it was like on the final leg of the worlds highest expedition adventure race. Not all teams would make it over the final 5400m summit.
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