Expedition Africa 2019

30 August – 8 September 2019


Expedition Africa will take place on the unique island of Rodrigues in September 2019.

The event will take place from 29 August to 8 September 2019.

All teams are to arrive prior to this in Mauritius and no later than Thursday 29 August.

Teams must check their bicycles in at the terminal and then take the free transfer flight to Rodrigues Island.

Bicycles can be transported in cycle bags or cycle boxes to Mauritius. Theses boxes/bags will not be used during the event. All bicycles will be transported on a cargo plane on Friday 30 August to Rodrigues, where teams will receive their bicycles on Saturday 1 September.

Expedition Africa 2019 will be a unique race course concept, a first of its kind. The entire race will be made up of one continuous leg, NO “transitions” and NO outside support.

Only teams of 4 will be able to enter this race.

4 nights’ free accommodation will be provided for team members. Thursday night 29 August accommodation will be for the teams own cost.

A local boat will be supplied to each team. This boat will be the team’s “mobile transition”.  Single blade paddles must be supplied by team members.

This boat will be used by the teams to move around the course. All bicycles, clothing, equipment, food, water and other re-supply items will be stored on this boat.

Planning and preparation for the 3 - 5 day journey/race around the island will be the sole responsibility of each team. This will include items such as tents/shelters, gas stoves, cooking utensils etc. to ensure this is an exclusively self-reliant race.

Teams will have to report to 40 Map Points (MP) scattered around the main island and numerous surrounding islands. At each MP teams will receive a map with control points on it.

The control points will have different descriptions as per the activity required to locate them.

Caving Points (CP)

Underwater Points (UP)

Mountain bike Points (MB)

Rope Work Points (RP)

Paddling Points (PP)

Sailing Points (SP)

Trek Points (TP)

A distance of 300 - 350 km will be covered with the fastest team expected to take around 3 days and the last team 5 to 6 days.

Approximately 85 km paddle, 120 km mountain biking, 120 km trekking after initial scouting.

The opening ceremony and flag parade will be held in the capital of Isle de Rodrigues, Port Mathurin, whilst the closing ceremony promises to be an entertaining beach party.

Islands are awesome spots for a holiday, but who else can offer you an Island holiday and a unique adventure race in one trip- Expedition Africa 2019!

EA2019 will be the ideal race for the whole family, let them experience the world of adventure racing on an idyllic tropical Island. The Island of Rodrigues offers supporters an easily accessible route from which to spectate and will almost always be within just a short distance from one of the many varied and available accommodation options.

For a most unforgettable Expedition Africa experience join us on this island adventure……. Entries open on 1st August 2018