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Expedition Concept


  • What is Adventure Racing:
  • Adventure racing is a multi-discipline endurance sport where competitors compete in teams, navigating from control point to control point in a number of disciplines.
  • Disciplines include: mountain biking, trekking, kayaking and orienteering.
  • Teams are expected to navigate using a map and landmarks.
  • Teams must be able to operate in harsh remote environments in all weather conditions.
  • Teams travel throughout the night.  They can decide if, when and where to rest.
  • The first team to complete the whole course, with all the control points visited will be declared the winner.
  • Teams are required to complete the entire distance together (always within hearing and visual distance of each other), helping and assisting each other.
  • Teamwork and team dynamics are essential. A detailed understanding of your teammates and of your own capabilities is essential.

Expedition Africa will take place on the unique island of Rodrigues in September 2019.

The event will take place from 29 August to 8 September 2019.

All teams are to arrive in Rodrigues no later than Thursday 29 August.

Teams must check their bicycles in at the Rodrigues terminal and then take the free transfer flight to Rodrigues Island. 

The Cycles boxes will not be transported with teams, it will be transported separately

Bicycles can be transported in cycle bags or cycle boxes to Mauritius. Theses boxes/bags will not be used during the event. All bicycles will be transported on a cargo plane to Rodrigues, where teams will receive their bicycles on Saturday 1 September.

Expedition Africa 2019 will be a unique race course concept, a first of its kind. The entire race will be made up of one continuous leg, NO “transitions” and NO outside support.

Only teams of 4 will be able to enter this race.

4 nights’ free accommodation will be provided for team members. Thursday night 29 August accommodation will be for the teams own cost.

A local boat will be supplied to each team. This boat will be the team’s “mobile transition”.

Single blade paddles must be supplied by team members.

This boat will be used by the teams to move around the course. All bicycles, clothing, equipment, food, water and other re-supply items will be stored on this boat.

Planning and preparation for the 3 - 5 day journey/race around the island will be the sole responsibility of each team. This will include items such as tents/shelters, gas stoves, cooking utensils etc. to ensure this is an exclusively self-reliant race.

Teams will have to report to 40 Map Points (MP) scattered around the main island and numerous surrounding islands. At each MP teams will receive a map with control points on it.

The control points will have different descriptions as per the activity required to locate them.

Caving Points (CP)

Underwater Points (UP)

Mountain bike Points (MB)

Rope Work Points (RP)

Paddling Points (PP)

Sailing Points (SP)

Trek Points (TP)

A distance of 300 - 350 km will be covered with the fastest team expected to take around 3 days and the last team 5 to 6 days.

Approximately 85 km paddle, 120 km mountain biking, 120 km trekking after initial scouting.

The opening ceremony and flag parade will be held in the capital of Isle de Rodrigues, Port Mathurin, whilst the closing ceremony promises to be an entertaining beach party.

Islands are awesome spots for a holiday, but who else can offer you an Island holiday and a unique adventure race in one trip- Expedition Africa 2019!

EA2019 will be the ideal race for the whole family, let them experience the world of adventure racing on an idyllic tropical Island. The Island of Rodrigues offers supporters an easily accessible route from which to spectate and will almost always be within just a short distance from one of the many varied and available accommodation options.

For a most unforgettable Expedition Africa experience join us on this island adventure……. Entries open on 1st August 2018

History of Expedition Africa

Race for Charity

Expedition Africa 2018 officially supports the Comite d'Action Rodriguais d'Etudes et Protection des Tortues Marines .

Follow the link below to donate.

Donate Now

All Expedition Africa Island of Rodrigues 2019 participants are encouraged to add a charity fundraising angle to your expedition experience!

Get started in 5 minutes:

  • Click on "Fundraise" below to view our official Teams fundraising leaderboard, then click on "Start fundraising".
  • Register & select your preferred charity as registered on the GivenGain platform. (Your charity not yet on GivenGain? Have them apply for a free charity account at
  • Set up your fundraising project and when done, share your project via email and social media with your friends, family and colleagues to get some donations going!

Find a Team


If you want to join an existing team, create a new team or are looking for members to fill up your team, contact us at and we will list your contact details below.


Team Media and Volunteers


It is recommended that each team bring along their own media person.

This is ideal if a team wants to maximize coverage of their progress during this adventure. 

Team Media needs sufficient credentials and media reach to qualify as Team Media.  

Contact Heidi for applications:

The team media person is required to set up and manage a team Facebook page as well as individual Facebook pages and all other social media platforms. A post event report on social media reach will be required.

Our course design takes into account route accessibility to the media to ensure you can capture and share the most captivating images and stories to the world.

Own transport is compulsory and all food and drink is for own account - contact the tourism agency for transport rentals.

Team media extra nights accommodation are for their own account (excluding the four nights accommodation where they will share a room with their team - contact the tourism agency to establish which resort is more suitable for accommodating the extra bed ).

Internet connectivity can be achieved by buying an internet data card. 

A standard waiver need to be signed at media briefing by all media persons to ensure no information is shared to the teams. 

We can offer you:

  • Shared accommodation with team during the four nights as part of entry fee.

  • Set of maps and attendance to media briefing.

  • Event garment.

  • Awards ceremony dinner.



  • The best way to be part of the race if you cannot participate yourself is to become a volunteer.

  • If you are interested please contact Heidi - 082 564 6468 or mail at

  • Volunteers just need to reach the registration venue on their own cost.

  • Volunteers will receive a race garment.

  • Accommodation will be provided. Specific details to be provided on request.

  • Come and be part of this adventure.

Online Entry and Entry Procedure


  • Click here >>   


  1. Expedition Africa 2018 Rodrigues is sold out. 

  2. Please contact for more information.     

  3. Team member substitutions can still be made until 31 July 2019. No charge for the substitutions.



  • A full service Expedition Adventure which forms part of the Adventure Racing World Series.

  • 4 nights accommodation in the resort of the team choice (see accommodation tab for details). Friday 30 August, Saturday 31 August, Friday 6 September, Saturday 7 September.

  • Free connecting flight from Mauritius to the Island of Rodrigues. To qualify for this free flight teams need to arrive with Air Mauritius from their international destination.

  • Team Logistical support.

  • An Expedition Africa 2019 Rodriques garment and hat.

  • Race Bib

  • Awards ceremony dinner.

  • Local boat for the team.

  • Spot Live tracking of teams progress.

  • Medical backup.

  • Local hand made trophy.



Teams may cancel their entry at any stage by e-mailing the event organizers. No refunds are applicable at any stage.

  • Teams are not permitted to transfer their fees paid to future editions of Expedition Africa if they are not able to make this edition of the event.
  • Teams are permitted to transfer or sell their entry to another team if available. This will be a transaction between the teams. Teams must notify Expedition Africa as soon as possible in the case of a team entry being transferred or sold.

  • If two teams do not have sufficient members and decide to join together, this will be strictly considered as one team cancelling their entry. Refund policy will be as stated above, no exceptions.

  • If the race is cancelled due to acts of god, natural disasters, terrorism or other reasons etc., the organizers will make every effort to refund as much of the entry fee as possible to all teams. However, all teams should be aware that any refunds will be made after event costs have been taken into consideration. Given the high number of fixed costs associated with organizing the race teams should also be aware that any refund is likely to be minimal. The race will not be re-scheduled.

Team format and Teams entered


  • Teams of 4 members of any combination - (males and/or females)

  • Only mixed teams of four with at least one member being female will be eligible for the free entry at the Adventure Racing World Championship in 2020.



  1.  Full team list to be updated soon.

Location Information


  • The location will be the island of Rodriques

  • Race HQ is Cocotiers hotel: / on webpage click on Cocotiers Rodrigues

  • Teams can book their flights on Air Mauritius to Mauritius and the connecting flight to Island of Rodriques. Email for flight tickets are email: Remy Caroline:


Rodrigues Island

General information

Rodrigues is a remote little island 650 km east of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Measuring only 18 km in length and 8 km at its widest point Rodrigues is entirely surrounded by coral reefs offering world-class diving and snorkeling.

Rodrigues Island, named after the Portuguese explorer Diogo Rodrigues, is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands and a dependency of Mauritius.

Rodrigues is a place that is strikingly beautiful. The island is hilly with lot of flora and has a lot of beaches and tiny islands around it, such as Ile aux Cocos.


Its highest peak is Mont Limon, which reaches 395 meters. The rest of the island is made of basaltic rock and along the coastlines (total length of 78km) there are numerous coves and creeks and high cliffs.

The landscapes vary from hilly lands to steep volcanic hills standing up as basaltic organ pipes. Its coasts are made of wild creeks, marvelous sandy beaches and coral reefs, surrounded by small islets. The lagoon and coral reefs of Rodrigues are twice the area of the islands and are very rich and full of marine life.




Rodrigues is a well preserved island where people live simply and where those who want to go 'off the beaten track' should stay for a few days.

Time seems to stand still on Rodrigues.

Its charm and simple unhurried pace of life attract celebrities from around the world who come to enjoy the island's tranquility and natural beauty.

Those who enjoy nature’s beauty will be mesmerized on seeing the scenic beauty of this peaceful island. The tropical vegetation of the region is extremely enchanting.

Natural history

Rodrigues is a volcanic island rising from a ridge along the edge of the Mascarene Plateau. The island estimated to be 1-4 million years old.

Over time Rodrigues has developed a unique environment, including many endemic species: 42 species of trees; the Rodrigues Fruit Bat; two species of bird-the Rodrigues fody and the Rodrigues warbler; and on the reef a species of coral, two species of damselfish and many new species of crustaceans.

Other endemic animals such as Rodrigues giant tortoises and Rodrigues Solitaires are now extinct.

The coral reef of Rodrigues is of a particular interest as it is self-seeding - it receives no coral zooplankton from elsewhere. This has led to the development of the endemic coral and a small number of species being present.


With its 38 000 inhabitants Rodrigues is very authentic. The particular charm of the island comes mainly from the calm and harmonious lifestyle of its inhabitants. Kindness and simplicity are the principal traits of the Rodriguans.