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Adventure Concept



  • Adventure racing is a multi-discipline endurance sport where competitors compete in teams, navigating from control point to control point in a number of disciplines.

  • Disciplines include: mountain biking, trekking, kayaking and orienteering. Teams are expected to navigate using a map and landmarks. Teams must be able to operate in harsh remote environments in all weather conditions.

  • Teams travels through the night, they can decide if, when and where to rest. The first team to complete all the adventure legs visiting all control points, will be declared the winner.

  • Teams are required to complete the entire adventure distance together (always within hearing and visual distance of each other), helping and assisting each other.

  • Teamwork and team dynamics are essential. A detailed understanding of your teammates and your own capabilities is essential.



  • The best way to be part of the race if you cannot participate yourself is to become a volunteer marshal.

  • If you are interested please contact Heidi - 082 564 6468 or mail us at

  • Volunteers just need to reach the registration venue on there own cost

  • Volunteers will receive a race garment.

  • Accommodation will be provided free of charge.

  • Come and be part of this adventure.

Team Format and Teams Entered


  • Teams of 4 members.

  • Teams of 2 members.

  • Teams can consist of members of any combination - (males and/or females)



  1. TEAM BLOED EN OMO: Abel vd Merwe / Jan Bezuidenhout / Nico Labuschagne / Helen van Stryp
  2. TEAM NEVAREST JABBERWOCK: Craig Metherell / Cobus van Zyl / Janneke Leask / Ruan vd Merwe
  3. TEAM CDV  RANGERS: Matt Fry / Beany Eb / Thinus Matthysen / Tasmin Mulder
  4. TEAM NEVAREST: Alec Avierinos / Malcom Dunkeld / Jaco Lourens / Chrissie Viljoen
  5. TEAM OLD FARTS AND A TART: Shelly Hufner / Piers Pirow / Alex Wagner / Tony Abbott
  6. TEAM G-FROGZ RACING: Trevor Walsh / Graham Marsden / Chris Biley / Leanne Winnan


  1. TEAM KOOKWATER: Riaan Louw / Louis Bredell / Erik Viljoen / Daan Dreyer
  2. TEAM LICKETY SPLIT: William Cairns / Jaco Cromhout / Cobus Stols / Corne de Jager


  1. TEAM BSB: Rene Thijs / Ross Botes​   ​
  2. TEAM DUGGA BOYS: Stefan Horn / Johan van Dijkhorst
  3. TEAM GOOI MIELIES: Jeandre Theunissen / Tiaan Fullard
  4. TEAM HAD THE BISCUIT: Ico Schutte / Carel van Heerden
  5. TEAM 2 SWEETNERS: Grant Frewen / Izak Theron


  1. TEAM ROTSROLLERS: Michael vd Bergh / Grietjie Burger
  2. TEAM FLUID: Abri Coetzer / Brigette Rossouw
  3. TEAM TRUE NORTH RACING: Johan Bornman / Marlize Moolman


  1. TEAM LOST IN DIE KLOOF: Hendrik Blom / Jarrett Naude
  2. TEAM A21.ORG: Tommie Richards / Jean-Pierre Roos
  3. TEAM WE THOUGHT THEY SAID RUM: Graham Wookey / Sean Brokelmann
  4. TEAM PITSTOP: Robert Retief / Matthew Wilkinson
  5. TEAM FURTHER AND SOON: David Rodgers / Llewellyn Rodgers
  6. TEAM FRIKKEDELVEL: Ian Jordaan / Frans du Toit 
  7. TEAM MOEGGESUKKEL: Chris le Roux / Andre Bouwer


  1. TEAM TROMPIE: Elize Pretorius / Cobus van der Groot
  2. TEAM ELETE: Mark Anderson / Debbie Smith
  3. TEAM WEBER WARRIORS: Stella Weber / Wally Weber
  4. TEAM RENEGADES: Marius Hollenbach / Elza Hollenbach
  5. TEAM SLEEPY DRAGONS: David Naylor / Kay Naylor
  6. TEAM ADDICTED2ADVENTURE: Jolene Matthysen / Jaco Geyer


  1. TEAM AMPER DAAR: Simon Faragher / Sharla Faragher / Daryl Williamson / Cobie Williamson
  2. TEAM TSHANDUKO: David Pullinger / Emma Melville / Lara Dando / Lia Revelas
  3. TEAM BADGERS: Owen Venter / Marthinus Maritz / Danica Altenroxel / Robin Lacey
  4. TEAM WARRIORS: Rowena Viljoen / Jesse Levin / Bryce Coetzee / Joel Ledru
  5. TEAM BOOBY TRAP COCKTAIL: Louise Kotze / Rudi Joubert


  1. TEAM WALKIE-TALKIES: Dorothy Maartens / Beatrice Hogan / Maureen Vosloo / Lanese du Toit
  2. TEAM BOOBY TRAP: Wenduy odendaal / Hanli Bezuidenhout / Chantel van Antwerpen / Neline Hoffman Kellerman


  1. TEAM BERMUDA SQUARE: Francois Maartens / Wynand van Schalwyk / Gerhard Cruywagen / Hannes Bronkhorst
  2. TEAM SMELL-U-LATER: Ricardo Terblanche / Marius Atkins / Kuno Venter / Tomothy Varrie

Entry Fee & Banking Details


  • R 7000 per team (4 members per team).

  • R 4000 per pair (2 members per pair).  


  • R 4500 per team (4 members per team).

  • R 3000 per pair (2 members per pair).  


  • A full service Adventure.

  • Each team member will receive a Expedition Africa Double Moon Adventure garment.

  • Each team member will receive a trophy.

  • Sunday morning prize giving breakfast

  • Kayaks and paddles for the team.

  • Kayak bag.

  • Re-supply boxes.


  • Entries is open.

  • Closing date for entries 27 February 2017

  • No refunds on any entry fees paid.

  • Entries can be sold or transferred. No charge for this.

  • Team substitutions can still be made until 6 March 2017. No charge for the substitutions.


  • S.Muller

  • Standard Bank 

  • Rivonia branch, branch code 001255

  • Account number 420 104 496

  • Swift code SBZAZAJJ     

  • E-Mail proof of payment to

  • Teams may pay with a credit card, contact us with your card details. A 5 % handling charge will be added to the entrance fee.

Distance and Disciplines


  • The adventure will offer two distances: 200 km and a 100 km event.

  • All teams should be able to finish before 10h00 Sunday morning.

  • More accurate distances of individual disciplines will be released at registration and at the briefing.

  • 60% Mountain biking, 25 % Trekking, 15 % Kayaking. 

  • 200 KM EVENT: Kayak - 19 km, Trek - 61 km, MTB - 105 km

  • 100 KM EVENT: Kayak - 7 km, Trek - 24 km, MTB - 65 km


  • Mountain biking – teams should be prepared for a range of riding including single track, steep hills, gravel roads and sealed roads.

  • Trekking – will involve traveling by foot through rugged terrain. Trekking will be over diverse terrain.

  • Kayaking – kayaks will be provided by the organisers. Kayaking may be on inland rivers, lakes, ocean or white water. Generally inland paddling will be permitted during both day and night. Dark zones will be enforced on ocean and on white water. Details will be outlined at the adventure briefing. EXPEDITION AFRICA DOUBLE MOON MARCH 2017 KAYAKING WILL BE ON A DAM

  • Orienteering – orienteering is an extremely important part of the adventure. The course is not marked and teams are required to navigate using map, compass. Teams can access the event website with their smart phones to view current position and event course.

Location and Accommodation


  • Magoebaskloof, Limpopo.


  • Magoebaskloof Hotel
  • Website:
  • Option 1: R 3000 (2 adults, with or without 2 kids, sharing a room) (Thursday, Friday and Sat night accommodation) (Breakfast and Dinner is included for the Saturday for 2 adults).
  • Option 2: R3200 (4 adults sharing a room) (Thursday, Friday and Sat night accommodation) (Breakfast and Dinner is included for the Saturday for 4 people)
  • Sunday morning breakfast for team included in entry fee.
  • For bookings call Tel: 015-2765400 or email Kirsten at email: Expafrica Double Moon adventure race
  • Please note whether you will need the 4 people per room or 2 people per room package (Limited Space available on the 4 people per room)

Dates and Times


  • 9 - 12 March 2017


  • Teams to arrive at registration venue: Thursday, 9 March 2017. ARRIVE EARLY


  • Registration: Thursday 20h00-21h00, 9 March 2017 

  • Team introduction and Adventure briefing: Thursday 21h00, 9 March 2017.

  • Cycles, re-supply boxes, kayak bag and paddles hand in: Friday 06h00, 10 March 2017

  • Event start: Friday 07h00, 10 March 2017

  • Breakfast: Sunday 09h00 – 10h00, 12 March 2017  

  • Prize giving: Sunday 10h00, 12 March 2017

  • Adventure cut off:  Sunday 12h00, 12 March 2017

Re-supply Boxes


  • One of the unique aspects of this expedition is that teams don't need a support crew, the organisers will logistically support the teams movement.

  • Teams will need to meticulously plan all their equipment and sustenance, then pack them into their re-supply boxes.

  • The organisers will provide re-supply boxes to the competitors. 160 liter boxes. 81 cm long * 37 cm wide * 40 cm high.

  • Teams can not supply and use their own boxes

  • The organisers will move these boxes to various points on the course.

  • The use of boxes make this a true un-supported expedition and making it easier for teams to compete on an even playing field

  • Teams will receive waterproof gear boxes at the start to pack gear and food in.

  • Boxes will be available at designated transition areas somewhere on route. Information on these areas will be in the adventure book. 

  • Each team must have 50 long cable ties. Best is to tape them to inside of lid of each box for easy access.

  • On leaving a transition, all boxes must be cable tied before hand in. Two cable ties per box.



  • Maps supplied will be 1:50 000 topographical maps. Google maps may also be used.

  • Route will be given out as course progress.

  • Waterproofing of maps is essential. Waterproofing must be done in such a way that it enables teams to copy following control points on to map as race progress.

  • Stationary to prepare route on map is needed. Different colours pens, sellotape, scissors etc.

  • Organiser will not replace maps that are misplaced by teams.

Equipment and Competency Required


Click HERE for the list of Compulsory Competitor Equipment (download & save a copy)


  • At least two members of the team must be capable of navigating by compass and map during the day and night. The team must be able to orientate a map and choose the best route option between checkpoints.

  • The teams must be able to describe what your team will do if it became lost

  • At least one member of the team must hold a minimum qualification of Level One First Aid.

  • All team members must be suitably competent in all disciplines included in the event as specified by the race organizer and be able to complete the event without any assistance from any person other than own team members.

  • The following Kayaking skills must be mastered. Manage a capsized craft in deep water, right and empty craft in deep water, get back in, continue paddling

  • Swim 100m of any stroke.

  • There will be no competency checks at registration. By entering this race teams acknowledge that they are competent in all the skills required to complete the race.

Event Rules & Regulations



  • The event must be started and completed by the entire team.

  • All members of the team must be within visual and hearing distance of all other members of their team at all times i.e. spread over no more than 100m.

  • No substitutions will be allowed.

  • The team is to complete the entire event without any assistance.

  • Teams receiving any form of assistance, including medical assistance, whilst not in a transition area, will be deemed unofficial.

  • Teams are required to pass through all transitions and checkpoints in the order designated by the Organiser.

  • Teams will visit designated transitions areas to change disciplines, refill their supplies, change clothing and gear, and sleep if necessary.

  • Teams only have to carry compulsory gear but are welcome to take more equipment if needed.

  • Teams can arrive at the registration with a normal sedan. No 4*4 is needed. Vehicles can be parked at the registration venue for the duration of the event.

  • All team members are required to pass through all transitions and checkpoints together. At these check points, which will be indicated by a board displaying a letter of the alphabet, any team member is to clearly mark the letter on the team passport. Marshals may request the passport for inspection. Failure to mark any transition or checkpoint on the passport will result in the team deemed unofficial, unless the team returns to the missed transition or checkpoint and the team in full compliment, re-does the route from the missed point on

  • Where teams are required to comply with time restrictions during an event, this will be for safety or logistical considerations. Failure to meet a designated cut-off will require the team to be re-routed on a shortened course, as stipulated by the Organisers. Specific information will be explained at race briefing or in the race book.

  • While organisers do try to avoid bottlenecks, delays may cause teams to wait their turn to complete a discipline. If the delay time is to be ‘returned’ to the team the marshal will record their time of arrival at the discipline and time of start of the discipline. Specific information will be indicated at race briefing or in the race book.

  • Kit inspection may take place at any point in the race. Teams will have to report to an official for kit inspection on request.

Support Crew

  • No team support members will be required. Supporters are welcome to support their team’s progress at designated viewpoints. These areas will be indicated at race briefing.

  • The best way to follow your teams progress is to become a volunteer race official. Contact organisers for more information.

  •  No physical support is allowed. Any form of physical support will lead to the team being unofficial.

  • Supporters may provide moral support in any transition areas.

  • Supporters are to have read these Standard Rules and Regulations as well as the Event Specific Rules.

General Rules

  • Any participant who tests positive for illegal substances will be barred from all events for a minimum period of two (2) years. (See for illegal substance details.)

  • Any individual, male or female, will be barred from all events for life if found to have used physical violence during the course of the event.

  • Abusive language will not be tolerated. Persons wishing to express outrage will do so in a controlled manner through their team captain only.

  • Teams crossing the finish will be given a “line finish position”. This is pending the outcome of illegal substance test results, complaints and/or any further information coming to the Organisers’ knowledge.

  • The first team to complete the event, having complied with all rules and regulations and time penalties taken into consideration, will be considered the winning team.

  • Any abuse of or disregard for instructions given by race marshals to any team member, will result in immediate disqualification and a disciplinarily hearing at the end of the race. The disciplinarily hearing may result in additional penalties.

Medical Assistance

  • Medical crews will be available for non-emergency medical treatment and consultation within transition areas when available. Any team receiving any form of medical treatment outside a transition area or a medical support area as specified in the race instructions will be deemed unofficial.

  • Medical treatment within transition areas is limited to basic first aid and advice. Should a participant require advanced life support, active fluid replacement therapy (IV), the administration of any oral or intravenous drug, then that participant, subject to the event director’s final decision, will be prevented from continuing with the event.

  • The medical crew has the authority, on confirmation with the event director, to withdraw a participant from an event should the participant further participation in the event result in permanent injury, disability or death to the participant or his/her teammates.

  • Participants are obliged to carry the team’s personal medications in the team first aid kit or on the person concerned. The medical crew will not be on hand to supply personal medication should the team concerned have failed to supply their own.

  • The medical crew will provide immediate, emergency treatment and stabilisation. Should a participant require transport by road or air ambulance, the cost of any transport out of the event environment will be carried by the patient

  • Participants are strongly advised to take appropriate insurance against the costs of emergency evacuations and repatriation.

Complaints & Appeals

  • All complaints and/or queries are to be directed through the team captain. Only the captain is allowed to direct questions, objections and complaints to the Organisers and/or their Management team.

  • In the event of there being discrepancies in finishing positions resulting from such reports and/or complaints.  Prize giving will be given after a verdict has been reached by the event director.

  • Positions announced at prize giving are subject to the results of illegal substance tests and any further findings brought to the attention of the Organisers.

  • Any team wishing to appeal or complain any aspect of the event can do so. Complaints are to be received by the event director within half an hour of the team crossing the finish line. Complaints may only be made with firsthand knowledge. No second-hand reports will be accepted or considered.  Appeals regarding decisions are to be received by the event director within 1 hour of the decision.

  • The event organiser, as advised by senior marshals will consider appeals.

Disqualification/Time Penalties

  • Any team transgressing the 100 meter, visual and hearing distance rule will be disqualified.

  • Any team found not to be equipped with the compulsory equipment, as specified; during a kit inspection will not be allowed to start the event.

  • Any team found not to be equipped with the compulsory during the race will be given a two hour penalty per missing item. To be added on to final racing time.

  •  Any team found to have transgressed the rules and regulations of the event and/or acting contrary to the spirit of the event will be liable for disqualification.

  • The event director may impose a disqualification or penalty taking into consideration the spirit of the event. A statement will be requested from the applicable team captain should they wish to explain or justify the team’s actions.

  • Any team and/or individual refusing to undergo testing for illegal substances will be disqualified.

Spirit of the Event

  • Not cheating with regard to the rules and regulations of this event and the sport.

  • Where one team finds another in need of medical attention – they must stop to assist.

  • Abiding by the rules and regulations of this event and sport.

  • Being eco-friendly, polite and prepared to assist a fellow man in need.

  • Not misleading Organisers and/or marshals with inaccurate/incomplete information.

  • Not removing checkpoints, their illuminating devices or signage of any sort.



  • All adventurers will receive a Double Moon garment.

  • All adventurers will receive trophies.

Eco Awareness


Teams are to adhere to the following stipulations at all times:

  • All waste is to be carried to the closest transition or checkpoint for disposal.

  • Human waste is to be buried between 20 and 25cm below the soil surface.

  • Picking of flowers, cutting of walking sticks and/or any damage to the natural vegetation (even though they might appear to be dead) is prohibited.

  • The making of fires, whatever the circumstances and no matter how small, are prohibited along the entire route.

  • No tree, rock etc may be defaced in any manner.

  • Be polite and courteous to local inhabitants. Pass quietly through settlements, especially at night.

The transgression of any of the above will render the entire team liable to disqualification.