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    For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

    Ajita Madan Volunteering story at Expedition Africa 2018
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    Words about her experience at Expedition Africa 2018 Volunteering Story

    Athletes experience pure grandeur at Expedition Africa
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    The 59km canyon ventured all 39 teams through an untouched picturesque part of African soil. Race organiser; Stephan Muller predicted that the Baviaanskloof region would certainly be a highlight for athletes racing Expedition Africa 2017.

    Compulsory camp out for teams within leg 6 at Expedition Africa
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    More than half the field managed to race through the buffalo 'dark zone' before the zones shutdown commenced at 18h00 this evening. All teams between CP 17 and CP 21 must make camp at their exact spot, and are not allowed to move until 06h00 tomorrow morning.

    500km's of challenging yet beautiful terrain awaits 39 teams tomorrow morning
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    Athletes and their families were able to enjoy their final Saturday afternoon before the chaos of this year's 500km adventure race hits the Cape St Francis Resort. Team captains have now had the opportunity to copy the control points off the master map and question any concerns that could arise along the route.

    Expedition Africa 2016 - That's a wrap!
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    After 5 days and 22 hours organisers, volunteers, athletes, supporters and sponsors have officially begun wrapping up the 2016 edition of Expedition Africa. This gruelling 500km adventure race ventured teams and individuals on a mixture of self discovery and hard competitive racing.

    The Expedition Africa winner is...
    Earlier today an official written complaint was lodged disputing team Featherbed Painted Wolf's capture of CP 17. The local team lead the 500km adventure race, gaining time on their lead throughout the event.

    Expedition Africa Day 5: Athletes dig deep
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    Athletes currently cycling 118km along the Karoo dig deep as they make their way to the next transition, and onto the finish for Expedition Africa 2016.

    Welcome home Expedition Africa champs!
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    3 days, 12 hours and 33 minutes is how long it took for Expedition Africa 2016's champions to complete 500km of pure adventure racing. Cheers from the side lines howled as team Featherbed Painted Wolf neared the spectator filled shoreline at Pine Lake Marina this evening.

    The twists and turns of day 3
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    Day three of Expedition Africa proved to be an extremely interesting day for both the teams taking part in the 544km adventure race and the arm chair experts sitting at home dot watching.