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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Its Passion
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It’s Passion!

Thoughts while I am between India and South Africa.

As I’m sitting on the plane, flying back from India to Jozi. I am staring out of the window at the magnificent sunset through the clouds.

I just finished watching the documentary of Manolo Blahnik (the Spanish fashion designer and founder of the high-end shoe brand: Manolo). For those of you that don’t know me or just met me at some race, please let me inform you that I am a fashion lover in my heart. I love the creativity and free spirit of the person who designs and creates. There are similarities between us. We both create!  We don’t design shoes, but we create a desire to achieve, an adventure, a goal, a dream to do something not many can do.

Why…the question pops up so many times over the years? I guess like any other entrepreneur.  

Passion drives you! Passion is something you can’t force onto someone – you just have a passion for something and that drives you to continue.

Some people take their whole lives looking for it and never find that something special that they love. People who find their passion are the lucky ones, that is what I think. Our every drive is filled with Passion and love for our business.

It’s clear to me: it’s the most wonderful feeling to create something that changes others, inspire you, ultimately in my eyes makes you a better person. I wish I can give you more at each race, but I can only give you my love, my care and my heart!

It brings us back to #itsallaboutlove

Manolo Blahnik is just showing me again that you must love what you do deeply and it must give you something personal back…a feeling, a satisfaction.  Every mail of gratitude or message of thanks to me, inspire me to do more.

 Thank you, Manolo, (you don’t know me, nor do I own any shoe of yours – not yet) but you inspired me again today on this Emirates flight to strive for bigger dreams!

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