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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Christmas and New Year wishes card
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My favourite time of the year! 

Christmas is a time of Love, Family and Holiday. Or for us "Working Holiday" as we normally use this time to do our Expedition Africa scouting and planning of the route during December.

There are so many cards and good wishes flying around and normally we just give it a quick read and page over to the next. Well at least I do. So to keep my message short and sweet:

* Make small goals every day

* Nobody can do the change for you - only you

* You cant take anything from this earth with you so focus on the things that really matters eg: the way you speak to others? etc

* Focus on Giving... once you realised how wonderful it is to give every day a new World will open to you! I am not talking about financially giving, I am talking about giving yourself! 

* Create memories by stepping out there and just do things you have never done before

* Ok, now its getting long so I better stop. 

* Lastly just be a beautiful person from the inside out in everything you do and you will touch people without knowing it.

I have to go - Stephan is waiting for me as we off to a Mountain biking ride...

Have a wonderful day, an amazing year in 2018 and just always remember at the end of the day #itsallaboutlove  


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