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Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | Everyone's in the same boat // by Adam Rose
Bruce Viaene - 29 August 2019.jpg
By Adam Rose | - Adventure Sports Network

Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | Bella's Banter | 27 Aug 2019
Day 1.jpg
I’m Kiwi Bella, and will be scribing a few bits n’ pieces each day, to provide a glimpse of Expedition Africa 2019, Rodrigues. My words won’t be sugar coated, nor will they be filtered. They’ll be here and now, with the intended purpose each day to give you an insight into one or two wee nuggets of adventuring fun, however it unfolds.

Expedition Africa: Rodrigues - Are. You. Ready?!
Pre Rac -  25 Aug-2.JPG
Hundreds of adventure athletes, at this very moment, are packing, preparing and double checking their gear as they get ready for their pilgrimage across the sea to a tiny Indian Ocean island; for the highly anticipated, Expedition Africa - Rodrigues.

Doing an Adventure Race with My Sister
Hello to all my fellow extreme sports enthusiasts. My name is Theunis A.K.A. “The Extreme Sports Traveller” and I travel to amazing locations and do exhilarating extreme sports. I love to travel, I love to participate in extreme sports, and I love to help people with their sporting and fitness needs.

Expedition Africa Lesotho 2020
We are returning to our roots - for us Africa has always been very special and there is no better place than Lesotho - The magnificent Kingdom in the Sky - located in the heart of Africa and filled with passionate people and magnificent landscapes. It’s going to be a very special race for all of us.

Expedition Africa 2019 - The Island of Rodrigues is calling!
Rod A-42.jpg
With only 96 days to go until one of the biggest international events are hosted on this dynamic island, planning is in full swing to welcome 240 athletes who will tackle a unique and dynamic version of the gruelling Expedition Africa.

Expedition India 2019 - A journey of life changing memories
It’s difficult to eloquently articulate these special experiences Travelling in India is a total adventure experience in itself. Add a 500km adventure through pristine mountain and river landscapes with incredible people, then you have a once in a lifetime experience.

Incredible Expedition India 2019
Overview write up about our Expedition India 2019